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The White Place

Plaza Blanca in Spanish..made famous by Georgia O'Keeffe's painting series called The White Place. PhotobucketIn Abiquiu, New Mexico, it's an area worth at least one whole days hiking and exploration.Photobucket

Many takes in films have been shot here because of the amazing landscape of sand stone formations:

Spires: and unusual ..well..White-ness:


Because a lots of mice, kangaroo rats and pack rats inhabit the nooks and cranny's, there are also lots of birds of prey..Owls, Red Tail Hawks, crows and well as these Swallows that build little mud huts to live in:

Also Coyotes, Bob Cats and an occasional Mtn Lion pass thru!     Dan

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Painting By Featured Artist MJAckley "Sunset Behind Fall Tree II"


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