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Posi-Ouinge Ruins

Enjoy Artisian Artifacts--> These Arrowheads by: Featured Artist Alicia Hill

It is illegal in New Mexico to remove artifacts from a ruin

Posi Ruins Reference Map I hiked to Posi from Vista de Pedernal

On a sunny early fall day we decided to discover the ruins of Posi-Ouinge, located just above the Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Resort, about a 30 minutes drive from Vista de Pedernal.

The round trip hike is about a mile each way, the ascent some consider quite strenuous and depending on how much time you’re spending in the actual Pueblo place count at least one hour for the round trip hike.  So gear up properly!

The trail-head is right behind the entrance to the Hot Springs


and the trail almost immediately starts climbing about 200 ft to the top of the ridge-line. Our dog Ruby makes the pace looking back to see if we’re able to keep up with her.


While the trail is steep and rocky on the incline, it’s almost level and sandy once you reach the top. The trail is easy to find, just look out for the many cairns on both sides of the path. Once you reach the ridge, there is a sign pointing in the right direction to Posi.

From the Pueblo there are beautiful vistas in all directions. It’s easy to understand why the Pueblo people chose that spot to build their home.


The Pueblo grounds are literally covered with pottery chards, big and small ones with different designs, colors and textures


However there are no actual structures of the Pueblo left. We found a few places where we thought that those might be some foundations. (Photos 22 and 21). Let your imagination work to picture the ancient Pueblo and its people working and living in this magic place. (But you also might want to pick up a brochure at the Hot Springs resort, which gives you some information.).

The hike through the Pueblo is very easy to manage

and offers beautiful views into the valley of Ojo Caliente  and the Hot Springs resort On the way back we enjoyed some trees that already turned golden and soon after we were back at the ridge line where, after a short pause to take in the views one more time, we descended to the valley . It’s an easy to medium hike, bring water and of course the camera. And after the hike you might want to soak your bones in the Hot Springs of Ojo Caliente, which throughout history has always been a special place.

It has been an official resort for as much as 10,000 years!


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Painting By Featured Artist MJAckley "Sunset Behind Fall Tree II"


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