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Ghost Ranch-Box Canyon

Ghost Ranch was so named, because, back in the late 1800's there were lots of cattle rustlers here in North Central New Mexico, and they used to hide the stolen livestock here. When, finally, it was "cleared out" ...they said that for many years could hear the rustlers/cattle echos in the canyons. Although it's a Presbyterian retreat, today, they offer guest rooms, hiking, trail riding ...and even have a swimming pool to people with money! Use proper gear for this hike!

Box Canyon is a nice day hike near our mesa: Photobucket
Above: Panoramic/Box Canyon in Center Hogans from nomadic Native Peoples (here-Apache, Uts, Piutes or even Navajo)


Trailhead light to Moderate Photobucket
Then becoming Rocky and along the wash, usually with some Water in it's vegetation: Photobucket
Reeds that the Native Peoples make brooms ..etc and some flowering plants:


Lion Rock: Photobucket
..And signs reminding backpackers of Flash Floods:


This hike, which Georgia O'Keefe (who maintained a casita here at Ghost Ranch) ..Mother of American Landscape Painting took mostly moderate ..but depending upon how much water in the wash..can be semi difficult. It was just under 5 miles in and back out. Photobucket

At the entrance, a cabin under-looking O'Keeffe's beloved Cerro Pedernal, a local navigation landmark, which she painted many times. Dan

Want to live only 20 miles from Ghost Ranch in Georgia O'Keeffe Country?  Click Here

Chimney Rock at Ghost Ranch by: Kirt Kempter 2010 Featured Photographer


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