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Echo Amphitheater

Echo Amphitheater is a natural stone amphitheater, located in Carson National Forest, just off Highway 84, about 15 miles north of the Village of Abiquiu, past Ghost Ranch  and Piedra Lumbre Education and Visitor Center. Only about a 20 minute drive from our mesa.


The sandstone cliffs and their colors are truly impressive, formed over millions and millions of years. The Amphitheater is a short and easy walk from the parking lot all along wonderfully fragrant sage bushes. At the Amphitheater have fun singing, yelling and screaming and listen to the cliffs singing, yelling, screaming back at you.


Enjoy a picnic at the foot of the cliffs at one of the shady and idyllic picnic tables after or before the echo-experience. Gabriela

The Trees at Echo Amphitheater Grow Right From The Sandstone Walls/Cactus Abounds

View a NGS 1-24,000 Quad Topo Map of Echo Amphitheater

This very HiRes image should open in Windows Photo Viewer in another window..and can be zoomed to see massive detail/contours, etc.

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Painting By Featured Artist MJAckley "Sunset Behind Fall Tree II"


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