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Deming Duck Races

According to lore, the Deming Duck Races was begun by some guys in a local bar, in order to stimulate local commerce in a down economy.

Today, after having set boots on the ground, made many calls..and received many calls on/from Deming ..the over riding feeling that I came away with that the business community wishes it could move away from the Duck Races as a draw to their "fair" city.

Fat chance! According to Google this website and it's analytics ..the Duck races draw FAR more visitors than anything else about Deming New Mexico..combined! It would seem that Rockhound State Park (see below) ..would usurp The Ducks.

This info..and nowadays ..$5.00'll get you a fine cup of coffee!

4th Weekend in August -Deming, New Mexico

For the Town of Deming, New Mexico, the 4th weekend in August always signals what has become a national phenom:

The Great American Duck Race! Deming is a 5 hr drive from our mesa in North Central.

                                   Photobucket<Last Years Winners

Indeed, thousands upon thousands gather to watch our webbed footed and feathered friends have it out in a variety of events. As well..the town now hosts a handful of Duck Race accompanying events such as a parade,Photobucket bar-b-que and dancePhotobucket, hot air balloon mass ascension, carnival, slow pitch tournament, tortilla toss, mud bogg ..I'll tell ya..the list of scheduled events go's on and on.

It's certainly one of the family orien-tated events of the year in the US!

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