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Christ Desert Monastery

2015 Update-

Christ in the Desert Monastery is a short drive from our mesa. They have accommodations:

The Monastery Guesthouse

Our guestmaster is Br. Andre. His job is to see to it that all who come to the monastery are comfortable and at ease with their surroundings. He is in charge of the resident guests and day visitors. He may be reached in the guestmaster's office, directly across from the gift shop.

How long may one reside with us, you may ask? We want you to benefit from your time spent here; thus the minimum stay is two days and two nights. It takes time to settle down from life's hectic pace and to fit into the monastic rhythm. Guests usually stay several days, a week or a bit longer. To stay in the guesthouse longer than a month requires the approval of the Abbot and his council of senior monks. Accommodations allow for men and women to be on private retreat. There are nine single and three double rooms for a maximum of seventeen people at the main guesthouse. Our Ranch House (St. Benedict's) has three double rooms.

We believe that the best way that we can give hospitality in the desert is to offer our guests a chance to share in our Benedictine way of life. The key elements of this life are charity, prayer, spiritual reading and manual labor. The atmosphere most conducive to this kind of sharing includes silence and some solitude.

We warmly invite guests who wish to seek Christ to come and share our life. Our guesthouse is a place where individuals can find quiet time for prayer, privacy, reading and reflection, inspired by God's Word speaking in the liturgy and silence. Guests are always welcome to attend our daily prayers and Eucharist with the monastic community.

We do not provide directed retreats, nor regular spiritual direction. We encourage our guests to take part in the common prayer, the meals and the work of the monastery. Guests who wish to speak with one of the monks may arrange this through the guestmaster.

Day Visitors

Day visitors are always welcome to visit the monastery and to join in our prayer. However, meals are provided for resident guests only.

From our mesa, one can actually see Rio Chama Canyon where Christ in the Desert is located. Before we relocated out in 2007, my goal was to hike that canyon and it's assorted um..side hikes: Chavez Canyon, Rim Vista Trail and the grandaddy Continental Divide Trail ..and I did!  :)

I'd still like to hike South from El Vado Lake and have dinner with the Brothers sometime! The Brothers, by and large..are hikers ..when they're not working ..which is most of the time OR being silent..which is most other times.

Sony Corporation/Brothers of the Desert CD-Georgian Chant

Monastery of Christ in the Desert-Abiquiu New Mexico  (Video Above)

“A monastery is not a refuge, not a solution to problems of adjustment. Monasticism is a head-on collision with reality, and the more silent, the more solitude, the more head-on it is.”

                                       Father Aelred Wall, late founder of Monastery of Christ in the Desert


Founded in 1964 the late Father Aelred Wall envisioned Christ in the Desert Monastery as a place where people “could return to the sources”. It would be a place of quiet and beauty where people could retreat from the busy life of the present and seek peace and understanding. Christ in the Desert Monastery would embrace not just religious, but people of all faiths. Father Aelred believed that the monks and guest who would come to the monastery would “not turn their backs on the world; they would leave it to re-enter it at a deeper level.”

                                                Source: “Brothers of the Desert” by Mari Grana


During our stay we truly experienced the warm and heartfelt hospitality of the brothers of the Monastery. We felt that the spirit and ideals of the Father Aelred are still very much present and alive, nevertheless the challenges of everyday life that even the Monastery has to face. With every breath we took, we savored the peace, quietness and silence. Being at the Monastery, one slows automatically down, becomes quiet and silent. It’s a very empowering experience.           Gabriela

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The Monastery is a Benedictine Abbey located in one of the most beautiful areas of northern New Mexico. We have visited the Monastery several times already but I never get tired to go there again and again.


In fact quite the contrary is true:


 It’s such a welcoming, embracing, safe and quiet place that after every visit, even just a short one, I feel my energy and my spirits renewed. It’s a very powerful yet very peaceful place. I love to rest in the beautiful courtyard, my back against the warm thick wall of the church, looking at the colorful flowers and taking in the amazing views of the valley below and just be. It makes me feel graceful, humble and appreciative of the beauty of the nature and the gift of being part of this world.   Gabriela.

Even if you're not religious, or even if you don't consider yourself spiritual, Christ in the Desert Monastery is a 'must go to' spot in North Central New Mexico!

The backpackingkayaking are amazing and the scenery is world renown. Artists flock here to render the incredible landscape. In fact, Gabriela and I will be overnighting there after backpacking a section of The Continental Divide Trail in June. The Trail runs very close to the Monestary! Watch The Video Just Below!

This, Christ in the Desert Monestary, cannot help but rock your soul and give you a shot of serenity.   Dan

For A Stay in the Guesthouse Contact Brother Andre.

Please Visit The Website of Christ in the Desert Monastery:

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